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Mission Statement

The life and well-being of even one child is a huge responsibility. The impact we have on so many children and the responsibility we bear toward their advancement as young adults; their development of self-esteem and their sense of self-worth and contentment can be overwhelming. As a community of volunteers, working together as one family and with the best interest of our children at heart, we will be successful in our goals and ambitions. Our children will have the greatest experience possible from you athletics and extra-curricular activities.

The Tomball Redcats makes a commitment to our players and their families, our board members, coaches, instructors and volunteers, our school districts and our community.

To our players:
  • Our organization will make every effort each year to make sure that every child with the desire to participate gets the opportunity without regard to ethnic, financial or educational background and most importantly without regard to prior experience or athletic ability.
  • Our coaches will make every effort to teach every child the basic fundamentals and build on those fundamentals with each week of each season.
  • Honesty; Loyalty; Integrity; Teamwork; Discipline; Sportsmanship; Respect; Leadership; Self-Esteem; Trust and Commitment. We are committed to instilling you with these values and virtues, which are important to your growth as a young adult and a member of our community and society.
  • Joining the Tomball Redcats is a major commitment. It’s a commitment to your teammates, your parents, and your coaches. Most importantly, it’s a commitment to you. The commitment to finish what you’ve started no matter how difficult the task; no matter how tough the task is at hand.

To our parents:
  • Your children are our children. They will be given the same care and respect as with any parent. Football is a demanding extracurricular activity. Our coaches are not only charged with the task of teaching your children but also coaxing them into doing things they wouldn't normally do. No matter how difficult the situation, we vow to never forget these are children and NOT paid professionals. While we practice and play to win, winning is not the ultimate goal. We are here to teach the children and NOT to win Super Bowls. We also vow to hear your concerns and consider your suggestions for this is how our organization will continue to grow and improve and in the end help mold the children of our community into responsible, respectful, and dependable adults.